Ron Milam is a skilled, experienced and certified professional facilitator. His listening skills, enthusiasm and understanding of the group decision-making process have helped numerous organizations and collaboratives grow. An outside, neutral facilitator helps your organization make your meetings more efficient, maximizes participation and helps you make important decisions.

Ron has worked with numerous organizations to facilitate:

Ron has facilitated groups to decide: 

What Ron’s services include:

  • Prior to retreats Ron facilitates, he:
    • Reviews background on your organization
    • Meets with planning team to develop the agenda
    • Calls retreat participants to hear what is important to them
    • Gives input on retreat location and logistics
  • During the Retreat:
    • Facilitates a customized agenda using a mixture of engaging activities
    • Scribes notes on poster paper to give to client to record
  • After the Retreat:
    • Reviews notes
    • Debriefs with client to share observations

Looking for a retreat location?

Check out Ron’s list of retreat centers on the Pacific Coast.