Network Development

Ron Milam is a skilled and experienced network development practitioner. He’s helped multiple sustainability and equity oriented collaboratives identify common agendas, build their membership, design governance structures, facilitate engaging processes and evaluate effectiveness. Given the complexity of network spaces, he’s also worked extensively to build relationships and trust while navigating and negotiating power dynamics. He has consulted for numerous community based nonprofit networks along with regional and statewide philanthropic networks (check out this blog post for more details). He’s served networks in a variety of capacities, including:

  • Directing all aspects of a statewide network
  • Coordinating regional collaboratives 
  • Facilitating retreats and convenings 
  • Cultivating learning and site visits 
  • Stewarding relationships
  • Engaging participants in network mapping and landscape analysis
  • Networking networks

For more information on Ron’s research into networks, check out the article he wrote in the OD Practitioner, which was based on his research of collaborative change initiatives.