My Fundraising Services

Over the last 14 years, I have raised over $3 million for over 30 organizations. My experience with fundraising started with my role as founding Executive Director for the L.A. County Bicycle Coalition and continued with serving on two additional Boards. I also worked as a Development Specialist at Enterprise Community Partners before launching my own consulting practice in 2005.  I have led fundraising trainings for the Center for Nonprofit Management, Long Beach Nonprofit Partnership, the Flintridge Foundation, the Liberty Hill Foundation and directly for many organizations. I provide the following fundraising consulting services:

1. Assessment (one to two months)

Review past grant proposals, events, mailing list, appeal letters, budgets. Organization completes a fundraising audit and a leadership survey, which is also reviewed. Based on this information, I generate a report assessing the current state of fundraising for the organization.

 2. Fund Development Plan (two to four months)

A fund development plan charts a future fundraising course for the organization and develops strategies to achieve those goals. A fund development plan contains the following:  Goals, strategies to achieve goals, a SWOT Analysis, a timeline/work plan to implement plan, a list of possible funding sources and an appendix with additional resources that relate to the identified goals/strategies.

3. Coaching (30 minutes to 1 hour per week)

Build the fundraising capacity of the organization’s Executive Director or Development Director with weekly meetings to assess their strengths/areas to improve, set goals to improve and provide support.

4. Board Engagement (one to two months)

Enhance the board’s engagement with fundraising, which could include soliciting their feedback through a survey, coaching board members, presenting at board meetings, etc.

5. Training (one to five hours each)

Lead a customized fundraising training tailored to the needs of the organization.

6. Funder Research (1 month)

Foundation Center and internet searches to create list of  potential funders

7. Grant Writing (one to two months)  

Working with on of my Associates who will take the lead on grantwriting, I will review and strengthen proposals.

If you would like to discuss any of these services further, please contact me.

About Ron Milam

Ron Milam, MSOD, works to transform the Pacific Coast into a sustainable region through leadership and organization development for collaborative change initiatives. Since 2005, Ron has served over 150 clients as an organization and network development practitioner.
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