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10 Reasons Why I’m Voting for Eric Garcetti

I first met Eric Garcetti when he first ran for city council over 12 years ago. I remember him sharing his vision for transforming Los Angeles into a more sustainable city. I was impressed then and I have appreciated his … Continue reading

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Growing the LA Community Garden Council

Did you know there are over 80 community gardens in Los Angeles County? Did you also know there’s a fantastic nonprofit called the Los Angeles Community Garden Council working to connect people to community gardens? I’m currently helping the Garden … Continue reading

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A Collaboration Exploring Culture Change: Los Angeles Bike Movement History

What starts a social movement? How does it grow? How do people work with each other and inspire others to join? I’m excited to facilitate a dynamic discussion on Friday, April 12th: Building a Bike Movement in Autopia: An Experiment … Continue reading

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The Case for Los Angeles as a Bicycling City

Los Angeles gets a bad wrap when it comes to bicycling. Rumor has it that the center of car culture crushes all transportation alternatives. Yet, over the last 15 years, I have both participated in and watched with joy the … Continue reading

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How and Why I Bike to Retreats

A skilled facilitator brings some important materials to a meeting including an easel, markers, post-it notes, sticky-dots, chime, a small clock and most challenging of all to carry on a bicycle, a full sized poster board to scribe notes to capture everyone’s … Continue reading

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Mapping My Network

I value relationships and appreciate all of the fantastic people in my life. When facilitating retreats, I do my best to build stronger relationships within the leadership I serve. Outside of retreats, I do my best to steward relationships I … Continue reading

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Celebrating Seven Years of Consulting

In May of 2005, I launched my consulting practice. This month, I celebrate seven years consulting (having now served 76 organizations!). I launched my career in 1997 and its wild for me to think I now have 15 years of … Continue reading

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