My New Logo

I recently sponsored a fundraiser for Move LA. When my friend and former colleague Gloria Ohland who works at Move LA asked me for my logo for their poster thanking sponsors, I didn’t have anything to give her.

Gloria’s husband John Curry designed the poster and to my delight, he whipped together a new logo for me that I really like. John is a very talented designer. After reading his bio and learning that he has served clients like the LA Weekly, MTV, Discovery Channel and so many more, I now understand how John was able to put together such quality work for me in such a short time.

I’m really grateful for John creating this for me. I like how its clear, professional and bold. As a facilitator, I strive to write down what I hear in a way that’s readable to the group I’m serving. I like how this logo is also easy to read. Over the next month, I will work to incorporate the logo into my website, letterhead, business cards, etc.

I also really like how the black line changes to green. To me, that represents my work to transform organizations so they thrive. It also represents how those organizations successfully work to transition Los Angeles into a healthy, livable and sustainable place. I don’t know if that’s what John was thinking when he designed it, but that’s my take. What do you think?

About Ron Milam

I work to build the capacity of organizations and collaborative change initiatives in Southern California through facilitation, training and coaching. I specialize in the areas of organization development, collaboration, strategic planning, team building, board development and fundraising. Since 2005, I have served over 145 organizations.
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