In order for Ron to better serve clients, he looks to his Associates for support. Ron’s Associates support him in a variety of ways, including planning, logistics, support, communication and facilitation. Associates include:

Katie Jagodka recently graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and is finishing up her Bachelor of Science degree in Policy, Planning and Development. Katie is passionate about helping others and developing healthy and equitable communities. She strives to find sustainable solutions to societal issues, namely in education reform. In her spare time, Katie loves traveling and reading books on mindfulness.

Kelly Martin is an artist, musician, educator and facilitator. The nature of her artistic practice is to instigate, foster, engage and document modes of community. She does this through photography, soundworks, writing, music, performance, graphic design and education. Kelly has completed Module I of the International Institute for Facilitation and Change’s Facilitation program and has facilitated for the Bicycle Kitchen and Echo Park Time Bank. She seeks opportunities where she can put her creative and professional experience to work on behalf of organizations that are interested in making our world a better, more equitable one. Here’s a link to a blog post Kelly wrote where she took a lead facilitating a client for Ron Milam Consulting.