Ron collaborates with a number of other talented practitioners working to strengthen the leadership of organizations using a variety of mediums. Ron’s Affiliate network serves as a resource to strengthen the quality of his own consulting practice. Ron may seek feedback from his Affiliates to structure a portion of a retreat he facilitates. Or, he may bring an affiliate in as a co-facilitator on an entire project. Affiliates include:

Sara Daleiden, s(o)ul: With a relationship to the arts, education and advocacy, Sara consults with nonprofit and for profit entities, as well as cultural workers of many disciplines, from emerging to established levels. With bases in Los Angeles and Milwaukee, the agency offers support for empathetic, structural development of individual, organizational and community identity embracing various scales of experimentation, connection and production. Strategic professional services cover concepting, planning, networking, funding, public relations, field research, implementation and evaluation. Initiatives and platforms encourage active interpretation and embodied exploration of local places valuing public space, civic participation, economic sustainability, pedestrian awareness and celebration of difference.

Russell Horning: Russell Horning is a community and economic development leader with over 20 years fighting for community equity, shared economic success, democratic participation, human rights, affordable housing, and ecological resilience.  He brings skills in development, analysis, and process management of projects, programs, initiatives, policies, and political campaigns for sustainable land use, affordable housing, workforce, community, small business, and industry-driven strategies to achieve just market transformations. He offers strategic techniques to open up insight in complex and rapidly evolving environments including research, data analytics, and communications.  Recent clients have included philanthropy, labor unions, and nonprofits.  He holds a Master of Arts in Urban Planning focused on Regional and International Economic Development from the University of California, Los Angeles.

René Castro, Facilitation Corps: Rene is a seasoned community social worker, educator and native of Southern California who spent his career helping government, foundations and non-profit organizations identify their goals and maximize their potential. He believes everyone should have access to a livable community–one that provides individuals and families, regardless of income, race or documentation status, the chance to live a healthy, meaningful life. He thrives in addressing conflict and helping teams work through feeling stuck. René is an authentic listener and loves encouraging everyone to find their voice. He is passionate about using his extensive experience in facilitation, management, research and planning to achieve inclusiveness, equity and health for disadvantaged communities.